There is a higher power


Let’s tell it like it really is. It is live birth abortions. How many human beings could possibly approve of such a barbarous act, is a measure of the lack of respect for life itself?

Why would a president (Obama) say he would veto any bill restricting live birth abortions? How can doctors perform this procedure, and other medical people, and mother and supporters?

For those who don’t know what a live birth abortion is, here it is in a nutshell (I should say mother’s womb).

This baby up to nine months of growth is jerked through the birth canal by its feet, then when the head appears, a so-called doctor takes a pair of surgical shears and “clips” into the base of the live baby’s skull. A suctioning device is implanted and the baby’s brains are sucked out.

From all I read and understand, people who participate and perform such dastardly acts will face a certain end.

The Supreme Court says it’s OK. The president of our land may excuse you, but hold on, there is a higher power, believe it or not.

He is the judge of the whole Earth, and then some. To him, these murdered babies will have their revenge. We won’t have a human secular government or court system to protect us. We will answer for what we have done and for what we haven’t done. We pass seat belt laws, then allow hideous acts of depravity to happen. Shame on us. What twisted ludicrous conflict in philosophy.

Our God is not joking. He says you shall not kill. Do we pay for our sins? You call it, you have to answer.

Joe Massie