Dougoveto elected GOP county chair

IRON MOUNTAIN – The Dickinson County Republican Committee has announced that Dr. John Dougoveto has been elected chair, succeeding Steve Zurcher who had served in that position for the last several years.

Dougoveto is a lifelong resident of the area and a retired Iron Mountain dentist.

In expressing his vision, Dougoveto observed that in recent years the federal and state governments have gradually exerted increasing control over the lives of its citizens and in doing so have trampled upon many of their rights.

“I believe that the best government is one with limited power that allows citizens to manage their own affairs at the local level without government interference,” Dougoveto said.

He added that his goal is to lead a grassroots organization that will work to insure that our rights are respected with minimal government interference and according to the U.S. Constitution, as written.

“I am in hopes that the Dickinson County Republican Committee will adopt a resolution reasserting our state’s rights as expressed in the 10th Amendment, another expressing our opposition to using state or federal tax dollars to bail out the city of Detroit and other resolutions on pertinent issues,” he said.

The Dickinson County Republican Committee meetings are held on the second Thursday of every month with the next meeting on Thursday, June 12, at 6 p.m. at the St. George Glass Co. building, located on River Avenue behind Wendy’s Restaurant.

For more information or questions, contact Dougoveto at 774-4526.