Dinner theatre fund-raiser in Norway

NORWAY – The 1950s is the theme of a dinner theatre fund-raiser event sponsored by the Norway Area Preservation Society.

The dinner and one-act play will be held on Sunday, June 22, at 6 p.m. at Mike’s on Main Restaurant in downtown Norway.

The one-act play, “Good Neighbors,” is a comedy set in 1954 that features two couples who travel together on a vacation through Wisconsin. Although they have gotten along for years as neighbors, the road trip brings out the best and worst in their personalities. From flicking cigar ashes into a thermos cup to eating someone else’s lunch, everyone’s patience is tested.

The act is taken from a longer play entitled “Crossroads,” which was performed by the Dickinson County Community Theatre in 2007. The author, Gail Galotta, has revived the “Good Neighbors” act because of its popularity and general appeal. It has been performed in several venues over the years, including resorts and coffee houses, due to its small cast and simple set.

Mike’s on Main Restaurant will host the event in its main dining room. In keeping with the 1950s theme, a “diner” meal of hamburgers, fries, coleslaw, coffee and dessert will be served. Drinks from the bar will be available for purchase throughout the evening. In addition to the dinner and play, there will be some trivia questions and prizes.

Tickets are $15 and may be purchased at the First National Bank of Norway, including the branches at Iron Mountain and Ebeling’s Foods in Norway.

Tickets are also available at Mike’s on Main Restaurant in downtown Norway. Seating is limited and tickets must be purchased in advance. No tickets will be sold at the door.

All proceeds go to the Norway Area Preservation Society, a non-profit organization that is dedicated to developing and improving the community.