The VA’s genuine kindness

From Thomas A. Bengston and the family of Gilbert Brian Bengston, deceased, of Williamston, Mich.:

Prior to his death on May 16, 2014, at the VA hospital located in Iron Mountain, Michigan, my 55-year-old nephew, Gilbert Brian Bengston, a veteran of the U.S. Army, had received excellent medical care from Dr. Gannon, Dr. Peterson, and their dedicated staff.

Due to his disease of alcoholism, which spanned decades, his liver was no longer functional, resulting in his demise. This disease had also robbed him of his positive self image and stripped him of his personal pride.

But, the VA’s genuine kindness, respect, and medical care towards him, which continued for months, served to fully restore to him his dignity, self worth, and honor.

As he had served his country, the VA clearly reciprocated in serving him. For that, we salute the Oscar G. Johnson VA hospital and staff.


From Darian Unrein of Iron Mountain:

To the person in the minivan at McDonald’s on Thursday, June 5, at 7:30 a.m., I want to thank you very much.

My dad took me to McDonald’s for a birthday breakfast treat. It was my 14th birthday. When we got to the window to pay, the cashier told us that our order was already paid for by the people in the minivan in front of us.

What a great surprise at the start of my birthday.

For your act of kindness, I want you to know that my whole family will pay it forward.


From Betty Petroski, program chair, Iron County Museum:

A sincere thank you to all who participated in the Iron County Museum’s grand opening program on May 31. To a background of happy music by Sally Blyze, the Golden K men provided and served delicious pancakes. Thank you, Golden K. The Classic Farm Machinery group added interest to our day with their display of tractors and a demonstration of old equipment. Very fascinating.

The log cabin resolution presented by State Rep. Scott Dianda will encourage log cabin historians and tourists to visit and learn more about log cabins in Michigan, and especially here. Remember, June is Log Cabin history month here at the museum. Thank you to all who attended and be sure to come back this summer.


From Bob and Judy Erickson of Iron Mountain:

We moved to Iron Mountain last year in August and would like to thank some very special folks for their warm welcome and hospitality. Joe and Mary Limback took us on the grand tour, introduced us to the area and assisted in numerous ways to make a smoother transition.

Included in this list we’d like to thank Larry and Marion and Lisa and Renee.

We’d also like to take this opportunity to thank Peter Rittenhouse, P.A., Dr. Scott, Dr. Daniel Mitchell, and Dr. John Hallfrisch for the excellent medical care that they provided us with this past year. We’d like to extend a thank you to their support staff as well. Dickinson County Memorial Hospital has served us well.

God bless all of you as you continue to serve others.


From Mark Wiederrecht of Kingsford:

The friends and family of Gypsy would like to thank everyone for their efforts in her search and recovery. She is greatly missed and we hope to see her again at the rainbow bridge.