In bed with the big oil


President Obama wants or has made it illegal for us to use our wood stoves. He wants us to use oil and gas. Now we know he’s in bed with the big oil companies.

Sleeping with the drug companies was proved by Obamacare. Obama is the highest priced prostitute.

Deer hunters, how would you like to hunt deer if they had rifles. We all know how to act like deer in the woods and we have rifles. Homeland Security’s eye in the sky won’t know if we’re a bear or deer. I’ve already proved that to them.

If you try to take away our woodstoves, all the men I’ve talked to are ready to go to war. Please send Homeland Security. The country won’t miss anything because they are incompetent.

Obama, as far as your basketball, I challenge you to a game to 10. I will give you a warning. You will be playing a 70-year-old Indian/Viking Dennis Rodman. The greatest men come from the North. We’re all great but in different ways. God gave us a pair and we live up to them.

Gary Bovee

Iron Mountain