Too much diversity


With all the people writing letters to the editor concerning the removal of God from our society, and I do understand how one can come to this conclusion in this day and age, what concerns me is some of these same people seem to ignore scripture concerning our society.

Ecclesiastes 7:10 states: “Do not ask why the old days were better than these, for it is not wise to ask such question.” I firmly believe God is instructing us with this scripture to concentrate on improving today and tomorrow instead of yearning for the days of yore. (I will not be a hypocrite; I sometimes too wish for days gone by, but it is not conducive to improving today or tomorrow.)

1 Peter 2:17 states: “Show proper respect for everyone, love the family of believers, fear God, honor the Emperor.”

The letters sent in concerning our president seem to be not only opposition to his presidency, but rather spiteful with hatred added as a condiment. I myself am not happy at all with this president, as I feel he has turned out to be another typical politician. Strong talk not followed by actions. However, the economy is stabilized, we have not had any foreign terrorists get through our lines of defense (the Boston Marathon bombing was an internal attack, not external), and we seem to have moved away from falling into the abyss.

Side note: Per the Conservative Constitutional Scholar Lina Monk’s book “The Words We Live By,” the forefathers of this country stated that the form of government being proposed would not work in a large country. The reason being is exactly what is transpiring today. There would be too much diversity in beliefs to be functional. At the time the Constitution was written there were approximately 3.5 million people in this country; there are now more than 308 million.

Jerry Rahoi

Iron Mountai