Short on solutions


It’s difficult to guess what the Republican plans are by listening to what they say. They’re long on complaining and short on solutions. They like to talk a lot about what they’re against, but they never say very much about what their plans are.

They never answer questions directly and usually go into a diatribe about Obamacare, deficits, the job creators, and of course, Benghazi.

Basically, the GOP plan is to dismantle all the advances that have been made in civil rights and the social safety net during the last 75 years, and to privatize or eliminate as many government functions as possible. Their tools are Gerrymandering, voter suppression through state laws ID requirement changes, and outright lying.

They vow to do away with the Affordable Care Act. They want to prevent our country from providing health care to all citizens.

They want to privatize Medicare and Social Security benefits. They want to scrap the EPA and allow corporations to do as they please, clean air and water be darned.

They want to keep people working for as cheaply as possible. They will give people “the right to work.” They always forget “for cheap” at the end of that slogan.

They are also against public education and want that system privatized. They want to exert their control over people’s sex lives by enacting draconian laws concerning abortion, gay issues, and even birth control.

Additionally, they want to make cuts to food stamps for those in need. The GOP wants to do these things in order to give more tax breaks to people and corporations who don’t need it (in hopes they create jobs,) and to give more money to the military than they want, because the 1 percent people are making tons of money from the war machine.

So, we’ll have the sick, poor, and elderly footing the bill for the GOP’s big tax breaks for the corporations and the wealthy, and probably another war.

During the last four years, the Republicans have showed their true colors. We have never had a president who has had to endure more obstruction, libel, slander, racial slurs, and lies of all kinds. They have shown that they are not the pillars of patriotism that they want us to believe they are. Clearly, our Congress has become the lackeys for corporations and the very wealthy.

Let reality and morality guide your vote.

Robert Balmes