Let the people decide


I was surprised to learn that Dickinson County is funding the Almost Home Animal Shelter with $15,000 this year, and that the county gave them $25,000 of our tax dollars in 2012. I was completely astonished and disgusted when I read that this animal shelter requires $160,000 per year just to cover operating costs and expects every taxpayer in Dickinson County to help pay for it.

We have the Walk-of-Life Pregnancy Center in Iron Mountain that saves the lives of human babies and promotes families that is run entirely by volunteers and its costs of operation are met by donations only – and families are the sole basis for every society on earth.

I agree with Mr. Hardacre – ‘Let the people decide.’

But, do it as individuals – don’t put it to a vote where everyone is forced, by virtue of taxes, to pay for something they don’t want or need.

Pets can be very comforting and good companions, but, each and every human baby has the potential of comforting and companioning many people and perhaps being the one person who discovers the cure for cancer, or in some way, makes the world a better place to live for all of us.

To everyone reading this: What have you done to support Walk-of-Life Pregnancy Services at 1018 Cedar Avenue in Iron Mountain?

William Dixon