More like a theory


November 23, 1963 is the day we all remember, .and what we were doing when our President, John F. Kennedy was assassinated.

I was just coming out of English class and going into typing class as a senior.

We said a prayer (it was a Catholic high school) and went home.

My mother was sitting in front of the television set crying as she was watching the news. For many days, weeks, months and eventually years, I watched the Zapruder film, read the books, read the newspapers, watched interviews and government reports.

We all remember seeing JFK the moment he was shot in the head, his brains spilling behind him on the back of the presidential vehicle, his wife crawling on her hands and knees attempting to pick up his brains. The Secret Service man running up to stop her.

We all remember the moment he was shot, his head lurching back and half his head was blown off, the people next to the “grassy knoll” pointing to puffs of smoke coming from the fence, people running up to the fence.

I remember the moment very well. The thing I will always know in my mind’s eye is that JFK was shot from the front and he was assassinated.

And my government covered it up subsequently. I thought by now we would know the truth.

I know the truth: it was our government who hired the assassins to shoot JFK.

Truth is logic. Truth is beauty.

The same people who ordered the “hit” were the same people who covered it up, the ‘secret government,’ the powers that be.

The Warren Commission members went to the Daley Plaza site and made a big thing about walking around, pointing to the Book Depositary.

JFK was an enemy of the ‘secret government,’ those wonderful folks who are now the Fortune 500 and who control (or try to) the world, “a new world order” as George H.W. Bush once called it.

I wonder at what point in the history of this country the U.S. Constitution became null and void because it seems more like a theory in my mind’s eye.

Robert Hunt

Iron Mountain