Enough is enough


Enough is enough. Dr. Dan Benishek used that slogan when he ran for the United States House of Representatives. He was referring to the waste and frivolous spending at the federal level.

Let’s bring that a little close to home and look at the wasteful and frivolous spending by the superintendent of the Iron Mountain Public Schools and its school board.

These are our tax dollars that are being spent to fight our teachers because of a lack of a contract settlement. Let me make it clear that this contract could have been settled two years ago. It is not about the money.

The teachers are asking for nothing. They were willing to continue the contract they were working with. So you ask, “What is the hold-up”?

Language. There is a piece of language in the IMEA contract with the Iron Mountain administration and school board that makes it a moot point.

The laws of Michigan supersede this language. The teachers and staff are now going to have a 7.5 percent pay (in some cases 10-12 percent) decrease imposed on them for the coming school year.

All this, and the board continues to spend our tax dollars on a lawyer who could care less about our community and our children.

The board and administration have hired a lawyer from downstate to fight this for them and her costs continue to rise.

That money, citizens of Iron Mountain, is wasteful spending of our tax dollars and it is not even staying in our community.

It would have cost much less to have settled the contract at the get-go.

No superintendent in the history of the Iron Mountain Schools has ever needed a lawyer to fight his battles for him.

This, along with many other poor decision by the board and superintendent, prove that they are incompetent and should step down immediately.

Please join me in attending the June 23 meeting of the Iron Mountain Board of Education at 6 p.m. and make your voices heard.

Mary Couper

Iron Mountain