D of I Circle 367 meets on June 5

IRON MOUNTAIN – The Daughters of Isabella Congress Circle 367 will be meeting on Thursday, June 5 at 1 p.m. at the Immaculate Conception Faith Formation Center in Iron Mountain with Lucille Villa as hostess.

All members are encouraged to participate and guests and prospective members are welcome.

Regent Marcene Fuse opened the meeting of the D of I on May 1 at the Faith Formation Center. She led the opening prayer, Ode and pledge to the flag and to the state of Michigan.

A new member, Dorothy Schinderle, was initiated with “A Companion Approaches” led by the Regent as she was escorted by Delores Hamby and Marlene Johnson to the podium. The D of I crown was placed on her head as the conferral of degree was recited for her, as she was warmly welcomed by all.

The obligation was taken by members and the motto “Unity, charity and friendship” was emphasized.

Chancellor Louise Plante gave a reading “Pure Role Model” pertaining to the Blessed Mother Mary, the Mother of God. She also gave a reading on “How To Plant Your Garden” referring to vegetables planted which pertains to our daily living such as “Planting three rows of peas” – peace of mind, heart and soul. Each of the following vegetables had a message behind them: squash, lettuce, turnips and “thyme” with the message of time for each other, for family and for friends.

Regent Marcene announced that the group received two tickets for the Bishop Baraga Catholic School drawing. Delores Hamby made a motion to purchase the tickets, and seconded by Dorothy Schinderle. The motion was carried.

The International Convention will be held in Toronto, Canada in August. The State Convention will be held on Mackinaw Island in June at which time a display case listing names of all deceased D of I members between May 2012 to April 2014 will be on display. The Regent will submit the list to the state office namely Angela Fornetti, June 5, 2012; Betty Pirlot, June 10, 2012; Mary Provencher, Sept. 15, 2012; Lydia Peruzzi, Sept. 30, 2012; Nelda Fornetti, Dec. 2, 2012; Elaine Radloff, Dec. 6, 2012; Mary VanGoethem, May 20, 2013; Lena Fiorucci, April 6, 2013; Irma Sherman, April 17, 2013; Florence Socha, Dec. 18, 2013; Rose LaHaie, Jan. 20, 2014; Mary A. Jacobson, Jan. 26, 2014; Verna Plante, March 23, 2014; and Charlotte Gordon, Feb. 28, 2014.

Arlene Robinette will be the “Hail Mary” person for the month of May.

Happy Birthday was sung for Lucille Villa observing a birthday this month and she was also recognized for being the longest living member joining in November 1948. Vi Pilon also is a member from 1948.

Discussion was had on the July meeting for July 3, whether the group should have it later in the month due to the Fourth of July holiday. Decision will be made at the June meeting.

The drill was had and the Chancellor Louise led in the closing prayer. The closing D of I song was sung with members joining hands in unity.

Lunch was served by Peg St. Louis after which Push was played with cash prizes won by Betty Simon, first, and Rose Dishaw, second.