Picture of a perilous world


The Biblical picture of our times:

This article was written back in 1970 when things were not so bad as I saw it. A cursory reading of Paul’s statement shows present day conditions, which may be briefly set forth as follows:

1. The times will become perilous – dangerous even to be out on the streets or in the parks by day as well as night.

2. Human selfishness will increase until men will lose sight of unselfish concern for the welfare of others.

3. Men will become terrible in their blasphemy of God and disregard for all things sacred or deserving of respect and honor.

4. Children will become wholly disobedient to parents and to all constituted authority.

5. People will be utterly unholy and proud of it, placing great premium on being “away out” from all constituted authority and standards of decency.

6. The normal and natural affection of parents and children and all human relationships will be abandoned. Fatherhood and motherhood will mean nothing.

7. Men will become complete traitors and trucebreakers, completely unwilling to maintain any honor as to promises or commitments. No one will be worthy of trust. Similarly, man will have no moral compunctions against false accusations and witnessing falsely against others. Lying and perjury will be accounted as nothing, wholly acceptable in order to advance one’s personal desires or plans.

8. A complete lack of morality as regards the matter of sex, and the dignity of human life will prevail. Personal desires and appetites will rule, and sex perversion as well as acts of unspeakable cruelty and fearsome crimes will be seen regularly as men seek to satiate their ever increasing appetite for sexual thrills and personal power over the bodies of other people. Men will show themselves completely fierce and beastlike, as though indwelt by horrible demons of sex perversion and sadistic bestiality.

9. Those who seek to live a normal decent life will be despised and “considered squares.” The idea of being a Christian and standing for the faith of the Bible and the church will be greatly ridiculed, even by many who claim to be ministers of God and who are in places of so-called spiritual leadership. They will claim to be “men of God” but will deny all reality and power in their religion.

10. In education there will be a complete departure from the basic principles of learning and truth, and the whole system of public education will be threatened by those who are really not interested in finding the truth but only in forcing their ideas and philosophies upon the schools and the students. “Ever learning, and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth.”

11. There will be a multitude of evil men and wicked minds who will come the notice of the people and will gather followers around them. They will come with all manner of teachings and seductions – religious, political, moral, racial. Almost any kind of a false idea will be the key to a successful career and a devoted following. Thus leaders of race or civil rights demands, men who teach weird ideas of religion, those who advocate extreme political views, even those that teach free love and sexual abandonment, will all find millions of dupes to follow their teachings. The wilder the ideas, the farther out the seduction, the more devoted the masses will be, until people grow almost evangelistic over an idea like the Playboy program with its “bunny girls” and the espousing of free love and the “New Morality.”

12. A complete devotion to pleasure – in all its forms. Lives of millions wholly wrapped up in the fortunes of a favorite baseball or football club, the results at the race track, the evening at the dance hall, or the utter devotion to the gambling table. Such lives have fully divorced God and all contact with the church or with spiritual things from their lives and are immersed in pleasure and “fun things.”

These are the things which Paul declares will take place in our world and as part of our lives “in the last days.”

God bless America.

Gordon Shewmaker