Flivvs’ tennis best

NEGAUNEE – Kingsford captured the “true” U.P. boys tennis championship Saturday.

The Flivvers, going up against the top U.P. Division 1 and 2 teams, registered 48 points to dominate the meet.

“We were a little too rock-solid,” Flivver coach Mark Shanks said. “This is the biggest tournament in the U.P. with the best teams.”

Runner-up Menominee notched 38 points, followed by Negaunee, 37; Marquette, 33; West Iron County, 29; Westwood, 17; Gwinn, 13, and Gladstone, 9.

Kingsford won three championships including the No. 1 flights in both singles and doubles.

“I love the fact we dominated the number one flights,” said Shanks. “That shows the strength of this team.

“We played well through the lineup. The key is everyone got their first match points.”

Kingsford collected championships from No. 1 singles Adam Szabo, No. 4 singles Alek Shanks and No. 1 doubles Daniel Harrington-Joe Gregory.

The Flivvers tallied runners-up from No. 3 singles Chris Roell, No. 2 doubles Joe Hofer-David McCole and No. 4 doubles Peter Fornetti-Kevin LeClaire.

Kingsford No. 3 doubles Alex Wiitanen-Noah Voss took third.

The tourney was held at courts used by the Negaunee, Ishpeming and Westwood tennis teams. A singles player or doubles tandem had to win three straight matches without a loss to capture a flight title.

“We had good playing conditions, maybe some of the best this spring, as far as the weather was concerned,” host coach Kyle Saari of Negaunee said. “Team-wise, this is a good tournament to prepare for the U.P.’s (finals).

“We knew Kingsford and Menominee are both strong after we were at the Kingsford Invite last weekend. If we want to compete for the top spot, we just have to get a little tougher mentally to try to break through from the third spot where we’ve been the last couple of weekends.”

The Flivvers host West Iron County on Tuesday and possibly Iron Mountain on Wednesday. They head to Marquette on Thursday for the Great Northern Conference tournanment.

Kingsford hosts the U.P. tournament on Wednesday, May 28.

(The Mining Journal of Marquette contributed to this story)

STANDINGS – Kingsford 48, Menominee 38, Negaunee 37, Marquette 33, West Iron County 29, Westwood 17, Gwinn 13. Gladstone 9.


1. Adam Szabo, K, def. Josh Downs, Mqt, 6-0, 6-2.

2. Micah Heath, G, def. Matthew Collins, Mqt, 6-3, 6-2.

3. Noah Gannon, Mqt, def. Chris Roell, K, 6-3, 6-2.

4. Alek Shanks, K, def. Justin Flood, Mqt, 6-3, 6-3.


1. Daniel Harrington-Joe Gregory, K, def. Ryan Woods-Caleb Kleiman, Men., 6-4, 6-3.

2. Chad Schuelke-Nate Gunderson, Men., def. Joe Hofer-David McCole 6-2, 6-1;

3. Rob Loy-Anthony Moyle, N, def. Aaron Maas-Adam Nolde, Men, 6-4, 6-3.

4. Collin Nerat-Nick Cattani, Men, def. Peter Fornetti-Kevin LeClaire 6-2, 4-6, 6-2.