Solberg’s Greenleaf claims ‘T of C’ title

IRON MOUNTAIN – Solberg’s Greenleaf Bar, bowling for Recreation Lanes’ Merchant-Industrial League, found the groove and overcame a poor first game to win the 38th annual Tournament of Champions at Recreation Lanes.

After game one, The Antoine Room from Recreation Lanes’ Businessmen’s League was in first with a 1087 team game, while Solberg’s Greenleaf 910 team game placed them second from last.

Solberg’s Greenleaf then fired an 1152 game to move into second place, a mere 28 pins behind The Antoine Room, who shot 1003. They then proceeded to shoot an 1116 team game for a winning 3178 total to win the tournament.

In second place, finishing with a total of 3142 was the Antoine Room. Coke, representing the Businessmen’s League from Mike’s on Main, finished in third place with a 3105 three game total.

Solberg’s Greenleaf Bar won $250 and trophies for their efforts, while the Antoine Room took home $125 and Coke $75.

The Tournament of Champions is open to all area bowling league champions, and they bowl three games with handicap to determine the champion of the champions.

Bowlers on Solberg’s Greenleaf Bar include Mark Stuart, Vicki Corsi, Sam Parr, Matt Mark and Steve Jacques.

Results follow:

Men (HIM) – Mark Skog 727, Sam Parr 658, Ben Gendron 646, Chris Rosatto 618.

Women (HIM) – Ashley Burkman 584, Cathy Tomassoni 559, Belinda Burke 533, Sue Champeau 503.

Men (HIG) – Sam Parr 279, Mark Skog 256, Chris Rosatto 233, Ben Gendron 223.

Women (HIG) – Ashley Burkman 233, Belinda Burke 211, Cathy Tomassoni 205.