Needs lots of love


Why am I against Obama’s policy, agenda and life style? As a person, he needs lots of love, period.

Any liberal, socialist, communist, Democrat, I will always vote against.

Let me explain what I see taken place; once you realize the president of the U.S. of A. is a phoney and also his followers, this also means people who voted for him.

Our jobs as citizens of our country is to keep our eyes and ears open and holler loud and long if we don’t like the way our elected officials are acting and that includes the president of our Republic.

It was once said, “We have a Republic form of government, If we can keep it.”

In 2010 a book “The Manchurian President” was published. It tells about Obama’s ties to communist socialists and other anti-American extremists especially the Islamic terrorists operating right here in our country.

To save America U.S. of A., we must go back to the basic principles our country was founded on.

Keep in your mind it’s a fact, freedom is not free, slavery is. Freedom is a great thing nothing can replace it and if you lose it, the free stuff and things will mean nothing.

Our freedom must be worked at every day of the year. Because our enemies work at destroying us 24 hours a day so you don’t have it.

America once had a civil war; do you remember? (It used to be taught in school.) But as God said, take courage, I have over come the world. Jn16-33

Joseph Massie