Is the rat race over?


Is the rat race over in America? Not yet.

The rats are winning, though. The rats have a very good lead, but the rat race is not over. At one time in America, no rats of any kind would even be in the race. But as I write, the rats of today are kings of the sex industry and dirty books, TV and magazines, all done by addicted porno freaks, with drugs and dopers right behind.

Clothing dress codes are all gone with the wind. These rats are running hard and fast and keeping the lead.

My America would never think about rats out in front. They knew how to bear down and turn up the steam and never let the rats win any race. Our country is the greatest country ever.

We were the leaders always in the big race and out in front by miles.

But the rats by cheating, lying and stealing, took the lead. They never sleep and if you don’t wake up soon, it will be over. And folks, this is what happens when you decide to throw God out.

And in this race, you will lose everything, including our basic freedoms. Don’t sleep too long. It’s best to stay awake and let God back in.

He will do the running and winning, because God does win in the end. So wake up. It’s getting late. Let me say this before I close. When you kill your babies, it’s murder and you are killing your future.

This is the rat race and they are winning. You are a loser and big time.

Joe Massie