Recreation sweeps tourneys

IRON MOUNTAIN – Recreation Lanes swept the annual Bunzie Rahoi and Marge Gehring memorial bowling tournaments.

Teams were comprised of the five highest averages for both men and women from the three local bowling establishments.

In the 44th annual Bunzie Rahoi men’s tournament, defending champion Recreation posted a nine-game total of 8911 to best UpTown Lanes, 8880, and Mike’s On Main, 8149.

UpTown, bowling on its home lanes, took the lead after the first round. But Recreation also capitalized at home to pull ahead after two rounds.

Recreation’s Kevin Hanson rolled series of 733, 627 and 608. Teammates Brad Senger, 713; Derek Edlund, 645, and Dave Senger, 638, also stood out.

UpTown’s Lance Ellis, who rolled the tourney’s high game at 269, registered 665 and 658 series. Teammate Mike Mikolajczyk added a 650 series.

In other top men’s games, Derek Edlund spilled a 265 and Kevin Hanson, 255.

Recreation Lanes ended the two-year winning streak of Mike’s on Main in the 28th annual Marge Gehring women’s tourney.

As in the men’s tourney, UpTown rolled to the first-round advantage but Recreation stormed back at home in the second round.

Recreaton fashioned a final score of 8759, trailed by UpTown, 8683, and Mike’s, 8377.

Pam Rostagno fueled Recreation with series of 600, 574 and 563. Cathy Tomassoni chipped in a 566; Ashley Burkman, 537 and 534, and Lynn Walsh, 500.

UpTown’s Tracey Dabb fashioned series of 558, 518 and 511. Trisha Peterson, 525, and Sue Champeau, 517, also contributed. Patty Blachette (500) led Mike’s.

Dabb spilled games of 213 and 200 while Rostagno had 211, 208, 206, 205 and 201.

“A tournament first occurred this year,” Bunzie Rahoi and Marge Gehring officials reported. “Never in the entire history of both tournaments has a father-child combination bowled together in the same year.

“This year it happened twice for Recreation Lanes with Ashley and Craig Burkman and Dave and Brad Senger competing together.”

Tourney rosters and qualifying averages follow:


UpTown Lanes & Lounge – Sue Champeau 156, Lianne Phillips 168, Trisha Peterson 152, Tracy Dabb 172, Lil Olson 153.

Recreation Lanes – Ashley Burkman 165, Lynn Walsh 167, Shirley Decker 165, Cathy Tomassoni 166, Pam Rostagno 162.

Mike’s on Main – Denise DeCremer 148, Jill Lieber 156, Pam DeBock 154, Amy Stanchina 161, Sue Mikolajczyk 152, Patty Blanchette 159.


UpTown Lanes & Lounge – Lance Ellis 205, Trevor Vassar 196, Ben Patterson 196, Mike Mikolajczyk 202, Randy Forcey 213.

Recreation Lanes – Kevin Hanson 206, Derek Edlund 210, Brad Senger 220, Dave Senger 204, Craig Burkman 215.

Mike’s on Main – Jim Stanchina 192, Andy DeBock 196, Neil Varda 192, Jerry Truitt 186, Del Hamacher 210.