Significant role they play


From Brad Grayvold, K-6 Principal, Norway-Vulcan Area Schools:

At Norway-Vulcan Area Schools our teachers are doing an outstanding job. They perform daily miracles in their classrooms, which many people often overlook. We have asked them to shoulder a major responsibility, and we frequently seek their help with non-teaching tasks. We are considered to be among the best- educated citizens in the world; and for that, we have our teachers to thank.

We can improve our country’s education system significantly by exhibiting respect for teachers and by letting them know how much we value their contributions. We need to look for ways to support them and their efforts to grow professionally, as schools change to meet the needs of communities.

This week has been set aside as National Teacher Appreciation Week to focus attention on the many outstanding educators whose work deserves applause. Let’s contribute to the efforts of improving our schools and reinforcing the quality of education in our community, while recognizing teachers for the significant role they play in our lives and in the well-being of our nation. Also, please take time to say “thank you” to teachers throughout the United States.


From Mary Beth Bergeron of Gladstone:

In early March, I was headed through Hardwood on my way home on what I thought were wet roads. The curve exiting Hardwood turned out to be icy, however, and soon I was yelling, “Mama” as the rear of my car swerved right, left, and right again pointing me into a wall of plowed snow on the opposite side of the road. There I landed. I crawled out of the passenger side of the car and, with no cell service, hiked back toward Hardwood.

A short distance into this walk, I spotted an older woman, Ruth Wagner, waving at me from her porch, well off the road, calling:

“Are you all right?”

“Do you need a phone?”

“Want to use mine?”

(And, as I entered her house,)

“Want a piece of cake?”

Ruth Wagner is not my mother. She is someone else’s wonderful mother. But as we waited a couple of hours for the tow truck-and my husband-to extract my car, Ruth mothered me and reminded me that the most important gifts any parent can offer are comfort and a generous spirit.

I work in the schools and see, too often, that time to parent is in short supply these days. Mothers and dads are so busy they have little left of themselves for the really good stuff of parenting: conversation, laughter, comfort and cake.

Back to Ruth. She has a lovely home. She keeps her birds fed all winter. Her family’s dog knows Ruth’s home is his too and visits every day. She has known sadness but knows what is important in life, her family. It took a snowbank to land me in Ruth’s living room and remind me of the mother I want to be.

This Mother’s Day, keep it simple.

Got cake?


From William Juneau of Iron Mountain:

My dad worked and retired from the Iron Mountain VA and was a veteran himself. Well, he passed away two months ago so I had to deal with them as to insurance and some paperwork. The people here really bent over backwards helping me, as did the Veterans Affairs people at Crystal Lake.

What a great bunch of people.