Local Aquarium Club hosts annual Coral Frag Swap

MARQUETTE – The members of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan Marine Aquarium Society (UPMMAS) have announced their annual Coral Frag swap. This year it will be held Saturday, May 10 at The Landmark Inn, in Marquette.

Swap time will be noon to 4 p.m. (Eastern time).

Entrance to the swap is free.

There will be a large drawing, free door prizes, and plenty of live coral frags to trade, buy and sell from local and regional saltwater vendors and hobbyists.

The Upper Peninsula of Michigan Marine Aquarium Society is a local hobbyist club for saltwater marine/reef aquarium enthusiasts that is dedicated to the advancement of the hobby while making it fun, enjoyable and affordable.

“If you would like to meet others in the area that enjoy this unique hobby, stop and introduce yourself on our own discussion forum,” said a club spokesperson. “You’ll get the chance to share ideas about set-up, maintenance, filtration lighting, and also discuss responsible fish, invertebrate, and coral care. Also enjoy those and many more related subjects at our monthly meetings.”

For more information on the frag swap or UPMMAS, visit our website at or e-mail