Gussert jersey heading to hoops Hall of Fame

CRYSTAL FALLS – Lexi Gussert’s jersey will soon be hanging in the Women’s Basketball Hall of Fame in Knoxville, Tenn.

The Forest Park High School star, leading scorer in the history of U.P. high school basketball, was named “Miss Basketball” for the state this past season.

“We recently received a letter from the Women’s Basketball Hall of Fame asking if they could ‘borrow’ Lexi’s jersey to display in the Ring of Honor in recognition of her outstanding play for the 2013-2014 season,” said Forest Park High School assistant Jackie Giuliani.

The Michigan State-bound Gussert concluded her high school career with 2,626 points.

“The Ring of Honor is one of our favorite displays at the hall of fame and it has become one of our most popular exhibits as well,” said Josh Sullivan, a representative for the Women’s Basketball Hall of Fame. “Not only does the Ring of Honor provide a colorful backdrop to the hall of fame’s many archives, but it is also a way of recognizing some young basketball players for their achievements in the sport.

“In doing so, we are fulfilling our mission to honor the past, celebrate the present and promote the future of women’s basketball.”

Currently, over 100 jerseys are hanging in the Ring of Honor, including high school and college All-Americans. Women’s Basketball Hall of Fame opened in 1999.

“Without a doubt, Lexi Gussert is definitely a part of an elite group, and a part of history now, too,” Sullivan said.

Forest Park plans to send out the jersey (No. 22) on Friday.

“It will be a part of their display until next May,” Giuliani said.