Putin still owns Obama


As a result of President Obama’s out-of-control deficit spending, the national debt has increased by more than 50 percent over the past five years.

The mounting debt has exploded and has now surpassed 100 percent of our gross domestic product. Every American taxpayer now owes more than $150,000 as his or her share of the national debt.

Last year’s interest payment on the national debt of $425 billion is an amount greater than we spend on Departments of Commerce, Education, Energy, Homeland Security, Housing and Urban Development, Interior, Justice, State, Transportation, Treasury and the EPA combined.

Government isn’t the solution, government is the problem.

An example of waste is government duplicative programs such as 679 renewable energy programs, 253 department of justice programs and 56 programs to promote financial literacy.

You read that correctly, financial literacy.

Big government special interests and entrenched podunk politicians are setting America’s financial house on fire. The debt is growing by $1.9 million a minute or $2.7 billion a day. Wait until the ObamaCare bills kick in.

Controversy is Washington. The Keystone XL pipeline has been put off again. It was first proposed six years ago. Politics at its worst by a gutless administration. Circumvent problems is a favorite Obama tactic. He did the delay-and-dodge routine throughout 2012, with truth a word they never knew even existed.

According to a Wall Street Journal review and outlook piece published May 1: “The Benghazi story isn’t going away despite the best efforts of the Obama Administration and the Hillary for President Campaign.”

The Ben Rhodes emails (he is the deputy national security adviser for strategic communications) fiasco is typical administration cover-up saying they were a part of a complete set of documents about the handling of the attack and its aftermath. Not true.

From the WSJ piece: “They were released Tuesday after the conservative watchdog group Judicial Watch filed a Freedom of Information Act request. We can see why the Administration tried to keep them under wraps.”

They tried “deceptive spin and stuck to it for over a week. After the election, the Administration was slow to cooperate with congressional investigations. The Rhodes email was subpoenaed last August, but the White House blocked release until it seemed obvious it would lose its attempts to keep them secret.”

The WSJ piece said “We long ago advised that a select committee could focus the effort and bring overdue clarity to a shameful episode in American history.”

Wayne LaPierre, president of the NRA, wrote a column on April 21.

He said: “Barack Obama and his allies are on their way to carrying out his 2008 threat to ‘fundamentally transform the United States of America.’ He believes he is above any constitutional restraints.”

He has promised to act, “with or without congress.”

Alquaeda is not on the run, Bashar Assad remains in power, Iran continues to build its nuclear program and Vladimir Putin still owns Obama.

History will prove we struck out five years ago by putting Obama in the White House.

George Zaio

Iron Mountain