We used to stand tall


Is the world a better place today than it was say, 5 years ago, 15 years ago, 50 years ago?

I have gotten to the point that our world, but most importantly, our country has fallen from grace.

Other countries consider us weak and believe they should strike while the iron is hot to overrun our existence.

We used to stand tall in the eyes of our allies and our adversaries, now we lurk in their shadows.

Our nation has been brought to its knees by an administration that is so politically correct it doesn’t have the backbone to do what is morally right.

The Ukraine, Crimea, Benghazi and Syria to name a few have become hot spots in our world while we talk about sanctions, bow to Japanese robots and turn a blind eye to the blood of the innocent.

Matters at home aren’t any better. We have become the Godless.

Some schools will not allow the Pledge of Alliance because of the phrase “under God.”

We now have transgender bathrooms for those who really aren’t sure what they are or want to be.

We have marijuana use alarmingly on the rise giving our young people a “rocky mountain high” that will continue to escalate throughout our country.

Parents aren’t parents anymore; they want to be friends and ignore their parental responsibilities. And those are the lucky kids who actually have parents.

We now live in a society where two-parent homes are a minority. Children and adults alike spend almost all their waking hours on smart phones, video games or texting. Verbal communication is gone. Libraries will soon be a thing of the past. Kindles, tablets, notebooks and laptops have taken over our literary needs.

If you’ve had the opportunity to watch any of the candid man-on-the-street interviews with young adults in their 20s you, like me, are shocked at how little these people know about our country or those running it.

Many have no idea who Joe Biden, Rand Paul, Harry Reid or John Boehner are to name just a few. However, they’re right on the money when it comes to whom Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus, JayZ and Beyonce are.

True role models have disappeared or have been beaten back by the progressive “Me” crowd.

Racism is front and center. There are justifiable cases of racism but now it has come to a head.

You don’t agree with someone’s stance then you’re a racist. You have Christian beliefs then you’re a racist.

You think that a person should receive a promotion or job by their merits, then you’re a racist.

If you wear a shirt promoting fossil fuel on Earth Day then you’re a racist.

Freedom of speech is being quelled by those who don’t want to hear the other side of the equation. They promote themselves as being open and liberating but that only applies to their agenda.

Healthcare has been shoved down our throats whether we want it or not.

If a person is in dire need of medical assistance I’m all for it.

However, if one is already under an insurance plan which they like and can afford, they should be left alone.

Government continues to overreach at the expense of its citizens.

Did you know that now under Obamacare if you are admitted to the hospital for “observation” and not for a particular ailment, you will have to pay that entire bill?

Medicare will no longer cover it. There are so many sneaky additions and deletions to the Affordable Healthcare Act the average person has no idea what is really in store for them.

Gun control is out of hand. While the government continues to stockpile ammunition, they are forcing law-abiding folks to give up their arms.

They cannot or will not see that the murder rate isn’t from our hunters and outdoorsmen but from gangs, criminals and mentally unstable people.


Because we are the people the government is truly afraid of. We are the ones with the smarts to know what is going on and like the famous line in the movie Network, “I’m mad as hell and not going to take this anymore.”

I wish I knew what the answer was to all our problems.

It’s difficult to improve a situation when the majority of people don’t care, are lazy or figure it doesn’t pertain to them.

The sad part is these are the ones who will continue to vote for what they can get out of the government instead of voting for getting the government out of our lives.

Now tell me we’re better off today.

Diane L. Schabo

Iron Mountain