From Dr. David Friar, MD, SFHM, Chief Executive Officer, Hospitalists of Northern Michigan, Traverse City:

On behalf of all of us at Hospitalists of Northern Michigan I want to congratulate the entire Dickinson County Healthcare System staff on your recent recognitions lauding the high quality care you provide.

It is no small feat to be recognized with a Governor’s Award; to be named by Consumers Report as one of the top five hospitals in the state and one of the top two in the Upper Peninsula; and to be recognized by Leap Frog as an “A rated” healthcare system.

It’s great to know that despite the ever more challenging healthcare environment, the highest quality care is right in our community. We are proud to partner with you and your award winning healthcare team.

Congratulations on the recognition and on the great care you’re providing.


From Patrick Ward, Crystal Falls:

I would like to take this opportunity to give a big thank you to Torger Omdahl for providing me with excellent legal counsel in my recent Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit against the Iron County Medical Care Facility and winning the case for me. He was very reliable, loyal, professional, knowledgeable, and concerned that my case was handled properly and seeing that justice was served for me on my behalf.

I was very impressed with his legal expertise and were I to have any other legal battles, Torger would be my obvious first choice to represent my as my legal counsel.

Thank you, Torger for a job well done. It couldn’t have happened without you.