We overthrow with force


Our United States Department using its standard MO accuses the Ukraine government and its leaders, in this case President Viktor Yanukovych, of killing their citizens. Susan Rice and Samantha Powers claim to be outraged with the violence against innocent democratic protestors, along with a former IDF Givati Brigade trainer. A uninformed public might fall for this lie, but in this case they themselves sponsored the violence through the N.E.O. (National Endowment for Democracy) thus U.S. sponsored terrorism. The N.E.O. gets its funding from the State Department and continues to fund the coup.

Victoria Nuland was recorded, while she was in “Maiden Square” in Kiev, with the American Ambassador discussing who would or would not be acceptable to be interim president and prime minister. When was she elected queen? Sounds like democratic elections to me, L.O.L. This was when she was handing out breakfast bread treats to her “pay for mobs and rent a rioters” in the street, in the bread basket of Asia; crumbs from her masters, the Israelis.

EU Foreign Policy Chief, Kathy Ashton, and Estonian Foreign Minister were recorded discussing who shot Ukrainian police and also the protestors in Maiden Square in Kiev; they were Gladio Operation NATO snipers, a false flag event. Supposedly there were intercepted emails from our State Department Special Operation coordinator to carry out an attack on a Ukrainian air base in Melitopol, Ukraine to destroy unserviceable air craft, “Operation Scrape Metal,” leaving others in tact to talk only Russian and make it look like Russians did it. The State Department will use a multi-faceted bundle of tactics; together with provatures against Ukrainians of Russian decent in eastern Ukraine and others inflicting and subjugating them with U.S. imperialism. Of course this is insurrection by rouge government officials, is illegal and could make a case for war crimes and in violation of Hague conventions. Of course our State Department will step up to the podium and accuse its foe, in this case blame the Russians and Putin, and our “pressitutes” press will disseminate it in order to get regime change. Thus, we overthrow with force, we install stooges acceptable to our criminal Washington D.C. government.

By the way this has cost us $5 billion to accomplish supposedly; remember we removed $32 billion in gold from Kiev at 2 a.m. The IMF will make an offer to assist in a strategy for restructuring of its economy as usual, a four step program to have a president or prime minister stooge they have installed to sign on his knees to satan.

The first step: demand privatization of state industries stripping its industrial output drastically. Note: western Ukraine is estimated to have three trillion cubic feet of shale gas and pipelines from Russia. Will it be given to Chevron?

The second step: capital market liberalization which they tell you would allow investment to flow in and out of the country. No kidding, you guessed right, it only flows out then they will create a problem and the IMF investment is vacuumed out in days. Next, they seduce the victimized nation to raise interest rates higher than credit cards or loan sharks so to get back their nation’s reserves. Of course this devastates their industrial production along with property values and loots a national treasury through high interest rates. Note: we won’t default on our debt, ouch. Remember this is what our Democratic and Republican leaders say.

The third step: market base pricing this raises prices for food, fuel, etc. Of course this as predicted, will cause IMF desired riots and social unrest. The government then sends troops to chase away demonstrators. Western Central Banking oligarchs buy up everything for pennies on the dollar.

The fourth step: free trade agreements by the WTO rules demand radical land reform; maybe investment firms in the west like AIG or other Wall Street investment firms. They then charge high rents (remember this is the richest farm land in Eurasia).

Read all about it: monkey wrench in chain of events. Remember Putin offered $15 billion to buy Ukraine bonds and was selling natural gas for 2/3 of the price others were charged in the EU, a better offer than the EU made at that time. Former president Viktor Yanukovych was also demanding that the Zionists recognized their involvement in the Ukrainian Holocaust (6-7 million Christians starved to death); the forced famine in the Ukraine known as Holodomor 1932-1933 in 2005.

Putin was hoping to save the Christians in the Ukraine from the third Khazarian occupation with central banker elite with massive austerity, misery and starvation. Why would they join the EU? Remember the PIGS Portugal; Ireland where they, the IMF, took 80 percent of pensions in 2008 and 2010 took 25 percent more.

Remember Greece, look at the unemployment and riots there or Spain, all have deflation and lowered standard of living or say Cyprus, where they took 90 percent of people’s savings and checking accounts. Would you join this cabal and be taken to the cleaners; maybe if you’re a puppet or installed stooge?

Putin offers referendum for Crimea 58.32 percent are Russian ethnicity, 24.32 percent are Ukrainians and 12.10 percent are Crimean Tatars and 85 percent voted in election with 97 percent voted for Crimea to join Russia. So our State Department and President Obama won’t accept secession by Crimea.

We over threw a democratic elected government with election observers from 23 countries with 135 observers saying President Viktor Yanukovych was 100 percent in line with European standards and now we deny Crimean’s. Secretary of State, John Kerry, ordered Putin to prevent the referendum which effectively would stop Crimean’s from exercising self-determination. President Obama said, we are threatened by self- determination in Crimea and its anti-democratic act of tyranny. Talk about a mouthful of disgraceful hypocrisy by Obama, Kerry, McCain, and Grahman’s part. Why was it OK in Kosovo where 400 plus Christian churches were burned, exploded and desecrated afterward or in Scotland, Catalonia, and South Sudan; a double standard, you’re just a bunch of sore coup misers.

Sounds like NATO is offering enslaving and Putin is offering or fostering democracy.

Look what we got in Kosovo, a criminal state with financial crime, human trafficking and drug trade; how about that or our funding anti-Christian forces in Syria. Putin has drawn the battle lines with our Lord Jesus Christ’s hand guiding him verses Obama and Israel centered banker decadent west imperialism and the NWO.

When President Putin met Pope Francis on Nov. 27, 2013 they exchanged icons of Mary and were done with reverence and genuine signs of Christian piety. Could this be the fulfillment consecrate Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary as Our Lady of Fatima requested? Will Russia save Christianity? Putin has made an offer for a federalization of the Ukraine where the federal states will have autonomy over the central government of the Ukraine; where Ukrainian and Russian will be official languages, and there will be no interference in the church in the Ukrainian.

The British and French offered Russia, the Kerch Strait, between Crimea and Russian to join them in World War II against Germany. Then our central bankers turned the tables in the Russian Civil War and brought communism on the royal family and Russian citizens.

Now 100 years later Crimea is theirs and control of the Kerch Strait. Now watch CIA thugs sponsor false flags in eastern Ukraine. So, will the American public follow blindly with sons’ and daughters’ blood into war with U.S. tax payers on the hook for $68 billion IMF offer?

John Beck