Easter Bunny would be proud


Let’s hear it for Becky Kleikamp and her volunteers who organized the Norway Community Easter Egg Hunt today at Marion Park.

What a job. We’re talking about preparing more than 20,000 eggs filled with candy or tickets for prizes, and collecting some 3,200 prizes and 22 additional grand prizes.

Grand prizes include Big Wheel bikes, pool parties, and 16-inch to 26-inch bicycles.

This is a the 20th year for the hunt, which was started by two Norway mothers. They organized it for several years. It was then passed down from one Norway volunteer to another until Kleikamp took over.

It is completely volunteer-driven, and is free to the public. Kids come from miles around to flock to Marion Park each year for this. We’re talking thousands of children.

“I cannot say enough about how generous the community has been when it comes to the Easter Egg Hunt, as it is them who make this all possible,” said Kleikamp. “It is always very rewarding for us to see the thousands of energized children who are awaiting that special eggs prize.”

The Easter Bunny would be proud.

If you want to help Kleikamp for next year’s hunt, call her (906) 563-7289. This is a year-round project.


Congratulations to the Florence County Bureau of Child Support.

The agency has earned a Certificate of Excellence from the Wisconsin Department of Children and Families.

Florence County earned the certificate by meeting all four of the performance measures set by the federal government in federal fiscal year 2013: a 90 percent or greater rate of establishing paternity, an 80 percent or greater rate of establishing court ordered child support, an 80 percent or greater rate on the collection of current child support orders, and an 80 percent or greater rate of collection on child support cases in arrears.

The child support performance by Florence County directly translates into support for children and helps reimburse Wisconsin for welfare benefits paid to parents and children living in poverty.

“The establishment of paternity and the collection of child support is one of the best ways to ensure that children have the emotional and financial support needed to grow up healthy and happy,” said Department of Children and Families Secretary Eloise Anderson.