Kingsford boys golf

KINGSFORD – Kingsford is eagerly anticipating the boys golf season.

Whenever that happens.

“The kids are really looking forward to getting out on the course and competing,” said Coach Jim Myllyla, his Flivvers snowed in with the rest of the area golfers. “Obviously, Mother Nature hasn’t allowed us to get outside but they have been swinging indoors.

“It’s fun when you get kids that are close in skill and really enjoy the game.”

The senior-less Flivvers do return junior Marcus Andrews and sophomore Joe Linn, who both held their own in last year’s U.P. Division 1 meet.

“There are a lot of kids that really enjoy and are into the game of golf,” Myllyla said. “I have a bunch of competitors that should make it interesting when they battle for the top five varsity spots.”

Linn had the best average as a freshmen in 2013.

“Marcus Andrews has a ton of potential,” Myllyla said. “The next three spots are up in the air and it will be fun watching the kids compete for a varsity position.”

Roster follows:

FRESHMAN – Sam Burgess, Ryan Deau, Chris Nekhay.

SOPHOMORE – Michael Anderson, Dylan DalSanto, Nick Glodowski, Joe Linn, Brady Nettell.

JUNIOR – Marcus Andrews, Matt Bietti, Drake Griggs, Alex Johnson, Luke Wahoviak, Tyler Waisainen.