Vow of poverty


I am writing in reference to an unsigned letter that appeared two weeks ago regarding a teacher that was on vacation.

I didn’t realize for their meager salary teachers were required to work 365 days a year.

I also didn’t realize they took a vow of poverty. Teachers are allowed personal/vacation and sick days as are most full-time or contract employees. If a teacher wants to take a few days off for no reason or an extravagant vacation, or anything in-between I don’t believe it is anyone’s business.

I don’t care if the vacation was a prize, a gift, they skipped their mortgage payment or spent their children’s college funds.

Their affairs are just that, theirs. And shame on The Daily News for even publishing such an ignorant irresponsible letter.

I hope that teacher had a much enjoyed and well deserved vacation and came back well rested and re-energized to teach with passion and enthusiasm.

Sarah McCord

Iron River