New ordinance for trailers, RVs

While summer weather seems a long ways off, the calendar shows that it is just around the corner.

Area residents will soon be thinking about getting their boats, campers and recreation vehicles ready for the season.

Before you do, Iron Mountain residents should take note that there is a new ordinance regulating their recreational vehicles and equipment.

New this spring is an ordinance in Iron Mountain that governs the parking and storage of these recreational vehicles.

“There have been a number of complaints regarding trailers and recreational vehicles parked for extended periods on public right of ways or front yards,” said Iron Mountain City Manager Jordan Stanchina.

The idea was discussed last fall, but was not acted on until earlier this year to give residents time to prepare for the new ordinance before the spring and summer season.

It has been revised numerous times, Stanchina said.

He said the most important part of the ordinance is prohibiting the storage or parking of recreational vehicles and trailers in city right of ways and clear vision areas.

Still, area residents will be allowed to park their vehicles in their front yards as long as it doesn’t encroach on right of way or clear vision areas.

The ordinance is “a compromise of increasing public safety and enhancing the value of residential districts while limiting restrictions placed on a resident’s use of their private property,” Stanchina said in a memo to City Council.

Only two residents showed up when the Iron Mountain Planning Commission held a public hearing on the matter, he said. One was favored more restrictions while the other did not want any restrictions at all.

Some of the specifics of the ordinance include:

Recreational vehicles and equipment include boats and trailers, folding tent trailers, pickup campers, travel trailers, utility trailers, motorized homes, and off-road vehicles not licensed for public roadways.

Parked or stored recreational equipment cannot have fixed connections to electricity, water, gas or sanitary sewer facilities.

Parked or stored recreational equipment cannot be used for living or housekeeping purposes.

Recreational vehicles and equipment cannot be parked on municipal streets or alleys for longer than 48 hours.

You cannot park or store any recreational vehicle in a residentially zoned property that is not carrying a current year license and/or registration.

Certain vehicles and equipment cannot be parked or stored in an open area in a residential district.

This equipment includes commercial highway tractors and trailers except when making a delivery; junk motor vehicles; farm implements, motorized or not; power driven construction equipment; lumber or building supplies except those necessary to complete a construction project; scrap metal; and salvageable or recyclable material of any sort.

For the complete copy ordinance, check with City Hall, or visit the city of Iron Mountain’s website at

Be prepared when spring weather does arrive.