Christians should learn more


I write today in response to a letter to the editor titled “God is in this country.”

The author tries to portray that God is not in this country yet that is clearly not the case.

Let’s start with the fact that the vast majority of citizens of this country are in fact religious and the majority of those would define themselves as either Catholic or Christian. That being said, this country is not a “Christian nation” as many would hope. The founding fathers of this country had the ability to recognize that having one religion with all the power over the people would lead to horrible results.

In this regard, they did not once mention God once in the U.S. Constitution and even included the Free Exercise and Establishment clause of the 1st Amendment to help drive the point home that one religion would not rule over the whole nation. The Treaty of Tripoli, signed into law in 1797, states “the government of the United States of America is not, in any sense, founded on the Christian religion.”

How does this language comply with the notion that the founding fathers wanted God taught in schools and Ten Commandments posted everywhere?

Today, there is a need to remember that not one religion is the right religion as it pertains to the government. The United States Supreme Court as clearly laid out the law and any government entity cannot favor a specific religion over the other.

This is why if a courthouse wants to post the Ten Commandments it also needs to include other documents that show where our country developed our laws.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with some diversity when it comes to religion. Christians should learn more about Muslims, Muslims about Jews, Jews about Hindus, and all about those who do not believe in a god, etc. etc.

Week after week you can find a news story in different parts of this country of where some government entity is trying to force Christian values on all citizens. This is in direct violation of the Establishment Clause and should not be accepted. More and more people in this country don’t hold the same beliefs as Christians and their rights have to be protected.

In the previous letter, the author points to certain events in today’s world that point to God not being in this country. Removing prayer from school has not happened. Students are welcome to sit silently and pray just as they are welcome to not stand and say the Pledge of Allegiance. Both are protected by the 1st Amendment. The fact that your way of thinking is not in complete control does not mean you are being attacked and that God is being taking out of this country.

The letter mentions “God’s law” numerous times to justify your thoughts. Is this the same “law” that justified slavery? The ban on inter-racial marriages? Using “God’s law” as your reasoning to discriminate against others is not how we in this country do things.

I would suggest you be more open to everyone around you, be they white, black, red, yellow, gay, straight, transgender, poor, rich, or whatever. I believe the saying goes “love thy neighbor.”

One last thing is your suggestion to go to and buy some movie to learn about things. I have a better idea. Go read books on different religions and the actual history of the founding of this country. You might be surprised what you learn.

Arthur Rosatti

Jacksonville, Fla.

Formerly of Norway