Americans can be so good


This is in response to the gentleman who wrote, “When was God in this country?”

First, I whole-heartly agree with him that slaves and the American Indian were mistreated, badly. I feel shame for what America did to these two peoples. What is worst is with the slaves, it was our “Bible believing white southern gentleman” that went over and took black people out of Africa and brought them to America as slaves to make their millions.

We then drove out the native American Indians from the beautiful places they lived and put them on reservations in the worst places in America. These were also so-called “Christian men.”

I will try to cover all the questions this gentleman had in his article. First, I was not talking about a movie, the video I watched was a “Documentary” made by Kirk Cameron. Again I strongly suggest getting it and viewing it. It will tell you what “real” America was supposed to be like. Then if the gentleman does not know America is now being taken over by liberals, nothing I can show him will convince him otherwise. The East Coast universities are all very, very, liberal. I agree as I stated above that the author is right about everything he stated in his original article. And, not just the East Coast, but that is where it all started.

I just wanted the author to know that in the Bible Jesus talks of “false Christianity, and true Christianity.” In John 4:23-24 Jesus is speaking of the “True Worshippers.” Then in Matthew 15:8-9 Jesus speaks of false worshippers who worship in vain. Paul also tells us in 2 Corinthians 11:13-15 that Satan has “Ministers” that are false teachers.

Remember, the Bible teaches us that Satan, or the devil, whatever you call him is here to “deceive the whole world.”

Yes, God is here in America, but so is Satan, and Satan is doing everything in his power to drive God and the true teachings in the Bible out of America.. Jesus said that the “wheat (good people) and the tares (bad people) must remain until the end.

Americans can be so good, and in the same token, when Satan enters into the heart of man he can be very evil.

Allan Peterson