Could affect future generations


This is a public health notice to all veterans, dependents and families that were stationed at Camp LeJeune U.S.M.C. Base in North Carolina. If you or any one you know were are Camp Lejeune for at least 30 days during the years 1957-1987 pleased be advised you were exposed to toxic water.

There is a law that was signed in 2012, Honoring America’s Veterans and Caring for Camp Lejeune Families Act of 2012, also known as the ”Janey Ensminger Act.”

This law is set in place to help families that have been exposed to the Camp LeJeune Historic water (toxic water).

The law at this time only covers 15 illnesses:

– Esophageal cancer.

– Lung cancer.

– Breast cancer.

– Bladder cancer.

– Kidney cancer.

– Leukemia.

– Multiple myeloma.

– Myleodysplasic syndromes.

– Renal toxicity.

– Hepatic steatosis.

– Female infertility.

– Miscarriage.

– Scleroderma.

– Neurobehavioral effects.

– Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma.

If you are a veteran, please register at the V.A. Hospital. Director Rice knows of this law.

Ask that it be noted in your medical file that you were stationed at Camp Lejeune so your doctor can be on the look out for any of these illnesses.

Let’s face it, we have good doctors in our area, but how many check men for breast cancer, and there is a large population of men that were at Camp LeJeune that have it, and for many, by the time it was noticed, it was too late. Please save a life, let other veterans know about this.

Also keep in mind, this water that was ingested, inhaled and absorbed had many toxins in it, so our bodies also have these toxins in them. What that could mean is this, it can get passed down to your children and to their children, so even if you show no sign of any of these illnesses, and I pray you do not, it could affect future generations.

This notice is not meant to say a veteran is eligible for any disability payments; that is still a separate issue. I just feel any and all veterans and their dependents that were exposed need to let their doctors know what they have been exposed to so they can work with their doctors to stay healthy.

We need to start to make some noise about this, there are thousands of veterans that have been exposed and have no idea they have been. For more information you can go to the ATSDR web site. They are investigating the toxic water and the illnesses it may cause.

The few, the proud, the forgotten site also has good information.

Unfortunately, at the last CAP meeting they found out there are at least 40,000 documents that were given to ATSDR, but they were told to “keep them close to their vest and not share them” so our government seems to still be trying to cover this up.

We can not let this happen. Please help me spread the word.

Linda LaPlante