Give an account


Some day, we will have to stand before God and give an account of what we have done in our bodies since we became Christians. Even the grave will not end all questioning.

A day is coming when all mankind will stand to receive our just reward whether good or whether we enter in so as by fire. The unsaved will have their lives reviewed and then sentenced to hell. The rebellious will be asked why they disregarded the promptings of the conscience a loving creator instilled in them for their eternal protection.

God’s justice and holiness will be vindicated. Are you ready to stand before God?

Before the judgement seat of Christ will be the redeemed. Eternal salvation will not be the question here. Answers to questions there will determine rewards, positions, (responsibilities) and capacities for enjoying the presence of God.

The questions at this judgement may be: “Why did you do what you did in life? What was your motivation? How did you make your decisions, on the basis of your desires and wishes or by seeking God and his will?”

Why did you tithe? Because you expected God to reward you with prosperity, or because you loved him and wanted to demonstrate that all you had belonged to him?

Why did you spend your money the way you did? Was your giving sacrificial?

Why did you stay on that job surrounded by compromising situations? Because it gave you the best salary available? Because of insurance and health benefits? Or because it gave you the opportunity to witness to those around you about the saving grace of Jesus Christ.

Now is the time to prepare to answer these questions. Why we have done what we did will be the issue. If we have worked in love and obedience to him and his kingdom, then all of these questions will not affect us as far as our rewards are concerned.

If our motives are less, our works will be consumed with fire and we will never enter heaven empty handed. (1 Corinthians 3:13-15).

Gordon Shewmaker