Tom Izzo’s reaction


To be forthright, it doesn’t matter to me who wins the NCAA championship. However, Tom Izzo’s reaction at the post-game press conference after the Spartans were defeated in the NCAA tournament was a perfect example of how one should handle defeat relating to a previous article I wrote a couple of weeks ago.

Was he disappointed? Of course he was. We all are when we face a defeat. But, he did not make excuses; he did not complain about what looked like a 3-point shot phantom foul near the end; he simply stated that hopefully we can learn from this and be better next year.

For the young reading this article: Please remember whether it be an athletic, academic, or any other type of endeavor, as long as you give 100 percent you have won. The only defeats I regret in life are those where I did not give it my all.

Jerry Rahoi

Iron Mountain