Eight arrested in Florence mailbox vandalism


Staff Writer

FLORENCE, Wis. – The Florence County Sheriff’s Office has arrested eight juveniles in connection to a vandalism spree in which approximately 51 mailboxes in the Spread Eagle, Wis. area were damaged.

The names of the juveniles were not released.

Florence County Sheriff Jeff Rickaby said that there was no particular motive for the vandalism.

The spree covered an area including Lake Elwood Road, Frog Lake Road, Old 69 Road, and Finn Town Road among others. Rickaby said the Florence High School principal and another school district employees seem to have been targeted.

At about 11:45 p.m. on March 28, deputies responded to a call from a Spread Eagle resident who reported hearing a loud noise outside of their home.

According to Rickaby, deputies searched the area and discovered mailboxes that had been smashed with a baseball bat or similar object, and some that had been torn from their posts and discarded in the woods.

The investigation was aided by security footage from an Iron Mountain business, which led to interviews with several people.

One of the interviews provided information that led to the arrests, Rickaby said.

He added that the group made two trips to do the damage, with a different combination of people on each trip. Marijuana was allegedly used by some of the offenders, according to one witness.

Those with information on the incident, or any other crime, can contact the Florence County Sheriff’s Office at 1(800) 235-9897. Information received is confidential.

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