Judge allows Bray’s expert witness


Staff Writer

IRON MOUNTAIN – A five-day jury trial in June is still on for a Norway man accused of stabbing a law enforcement officer last year at the Pine Mountain ski jumping competition.

Andrew Bray, 75, was in Dickinson County Circuit Court on Monday for a motion hearing regarding the upcoming trial.

He faces one felony count of assault with intent to murder and one felony count of carrying a concealed weapon for a Feb. 10, 2013 incident in which he allegedly stabbed Lt. Derek Dixon of the Dickinson County Sheriff’s Department in the upper back with a four-inch blade.

Dixon was treated at the scene for his injury and released.

Dickinson County Prosecutor Lisa Richards and assistant prosecutor Kristin Kass had filed a motion arguing that the defense’s expert witness testimony would be inadmissible in court.

Bray’s defense attorney Elizabeth LaCosse told Judge Richard Celello that she would ask her expert witness to testify to the forensic evidence and to the amount of force necessary to inflict the stab wound that Dixon sustained.

LaCosse argued that the amount of force Bray used shows that he did not intend to murder. If Bray had an intent to kill, Dixon’s wound would have been deeper, she said.

Kass was worried that the expert witness’ testimony might cause the jury to confuse force with intent. She claimed that the two concepts are not interchangeable.

Judge Celello decided that the defense’s expert witness will be allowed to testify, but he cannot give the jury his opinion on Bray’s intent.

The trial remains set for June 9 through 13.

If convicted, Bray could spend up to life in prison.

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