Iron County Cub Scouts hold Pinewood Derby

CASPIAN – Cub Scouts recently held their annual Pinewood Derby at St. Cecilia Catholic Church in Caspian. Pack 505 from Caspian and Pack 508 from Crystal Falls participated in the race.

The final race of night had top racer from Pack 505, Hunter Baumgartner, racing against top racer from Pack 508, Ethan Kopf, for the Traveling Trophy.

After couple of very close races Ethan Kopf took away the honors of top racer for the night and bragging rights with traveling trophy at his side.

Winners from Pack 508 included:


Dylan West – first place

Gage Krajewski – second place

Gage Boemke – third place

Nickolas Stevens


Devin Messling – first place

Justin Sorenson – second place


Liam Schiavo – first place

Dave Wesslen – second place

Payton Wollard – third place

Adrian Bruette

James Ashcraft

Isaac Hingos

Webelos 1

Ethan Kopf – first place

Timmy Bendick – second place

Devin Krajewski – third place

Zack Turner

Remi Cripe

Justin Stairs

Wyatt Imhoff

Open Class (siblings)

Layne Schiavo

These below are from Pack 505 Caspian

Pack 505 over all winners

Hunter Baumgartner – first

Spencer Kegly – second

Seth Ryan – third

Mathew Dutcher – most creative design


Hunter Baumgartner – first

Andrew Dobson – second

Will Welch – third

Wesley Devore


Seth Ryan – first

Shay Hansen – second

Ethan Isacson – third


Spencer Kegley – first

Aaron Dobson – second

Logan Bradshaw – third

Eli Pena

Matthew Dutcher

Remington Burton

Open Class

Dan Ryan