It is a question


This is a rebuttal to the rebuttal concerning my article, “When was God in this country?”

First, it is not a statement as you stated in your article; it is a question. The difference is night and day. Second, you make no counter points whatsoever concerning my issues of slavery and the treatment of Native American Indians by our government. Concerning the founding fathers of this country, many were slave holders, including Patrick Henry by the way. Eight out of the first 12 presidents owned slaves. Third, you go off on some tirade about homosexuals and their sins. Valid point about the Bible concerning gays. However, in our heterosexual community the Bible also condemns adultery and abuse. Fourth, you make mention of liberal college professors – yet you fail to provide the name of one. (When I was in college I had two professors who spoke about politics. One was extremely liberal; the other extremely conservative.)

Finally, instead of watching movies, with respect, I strongly suggest you consider watching factual documentaries. I just watched documentary Freedom Riders, which is available at the library. In 1961 in Alabama, white and black men and women were beaten to near death, degraded, and came close to being burned alive on a bus for the crime of wanting to sit at a lunch counter and wanting a cup of coffee and practicing civil disobedience.

Not only was no one ever charged criminally for attacking them, the authorities actually condoned the attacks. To be forthright, my initial response after seeing the attacks was quite severe: I would have replaced the civilians with white and black United States Marines in the middle of the night, who would have been armed.

When the KKK attacked the bus they would have experienced the wrath of God. (I then came to my senses and actually felt sorry for the attackers; to be so hateful is painful).

Postscript: I want to emphasize my initial article was meant from a government perspective and not individual, as I am a firm believer of the Bible.

Jerry Rahoi

Iron Mountain