God is in this country


Do you know why people came to this country in the first place, persecution.

to be specific, religious persecution.

That persecution was at the hands of the Roman Church, and the Church of England.

You need to study early church history, as I have the last 20 years. You want facts, go and study for yourself, I will not give them to you.

The holy Roman Church has a very dark history, just read about the Inquisition, 50 million people put to death, why, they would not follow the dictates of the Roman Church.

They believed the Bible only, not the perverted Pagan beliefs that infiltrated the Roman Church since Constantine in 325 AD. You want to see what America was to be all about, get the movie by Kirk Cameron called “Monumental.”

This movie will show you the Monument to the Pilgrims that is on the East Coast. Not many people know of this monument, but see this video and you will see what the Christian founders wanted for America. I believe it is something like 50 feet tall of solid Granite. Find out about this before you make statements about “was God ever in this country.”

The founding fathers wanted God taught in our schools. They wanted the Ten Commandments posted everywhere. They printed Bibles for every school and business.

Yes, God was in this great country, but Satan, or the devil is also here. If you read your Bible, you would see Satan is here on earth and doing his dirty work. Jesus himself said that Satan was here on earth, Jesus saw him, faced him in conflicts over demon possession of many people. Jesus said, “Satan comes to steal, kill, and destroy.” Now, you calling Jesus a liar? Satan is here on earth. Look around, you can see his misery in this world.

Satan is slowly destroying the Christian fabric of America. Look at where we have come in the last 10 years. I am 68 years old and I do not even recognize my America any more.

The liberals, the socialistic college professors, the liberal media all have blood on their hands in destroying the moral fabric of America. Just look at what “birth control pills” have done to this country. Look at what liberal federal judges have done to this country.

We have an immoral president who sanctions gay marriage rights. We have a country who “murders” it unborn babies – abortion. Liberal federal judges that have removed prayer from our schools, Bibles from our schools, the Ten Commandments from being posted anywhere, and you have the gall to say, “where is God in this country?”

Remember this, the federal Supreme Court judges have the power to impose laws on this country, but they can not override God’s laws in the Bible.

God’s laws are eternal, and God’s laws says that “homosexuals will never inherit the Kingdom of God, homosexuality is sin to God, now and forever.”

Homosexuals want rights, and demand them. But, you say one thing about them, tell them they are sinning and you are a bigot.

Well, if I am a bigot for saying it; so is God a bigot. You want to go there?

Marriage between homosexuals is sin, marriage is between a one man and one woman. Why? Because God said so in the Bible in Genesis, read it.

Now, go to, look up the movie Monumental by Kirk Cameron, order it and watch it for yourself. You will see what the Pilgrims wanted for America, and why they came here in the first place.

And finally, yes God is in this country yet, but Satan is doing his best to see that he is removed from America.

The question to each of you, are you going to let Satan win, or as Christians are you finally going to open your mouth and push back. There is a saying, “the only way evil can prevail is for good people to do nothing.”

Allan Peterson