Guts to stop Obama


Dr. Dan Benishek is a huge disappointment for not following through on the promises he made to win his place in the House in 2010.

We sent him to Washington to stop Obama and all he has done is glom on to John Boehner and done everything he could to ingratiate himself to establishment Republicans. He hasn’t achieved even one conservative goal, and, has voted with Boehner time and time again to give Obama everything he wanted and to fund ObamaCare every time a continuing resolution came around.

It appears that Boehner is Benishek’s mentor and that he believes, like Boehner, that the House is only one half of one third of the government, and, that isn’t power enough to actually do something.

This is the thinking of cowards. The House has even more power than the Senate in that it originates all funding and can take the output of the Senate, strip it of ObamaCare funding and send it back to the Senate on a ‘take it or leave it’ basis. Benishek is a “go along to get along” guy and is more interested in getting re-elected than being a good representative.

Guys like Benishek and Boehner will compromise Constitutional conservative principles just to get along with progressives.

Send Benishek a note telling him that he must get some sisu or resign; then maybe we can ditch the present Republican leadership and stop Obama like Benishek was supposed to do in the first place. If it turns out that Benishek doesn’t win re-election; we may end up with a Democrat, but, at least, when he votes for Obama’s programs, he won’t be doing so in our name.

I supported Benishek until he pledged undying love for the establishment and Boehner. I will not vote Republican again until they put up a Constitutional conservative with the guts to stop Obama.

Howard Shubert


Crystal Falls