What is going on?


I was wondering why the media is spending so much time covering a non-existent airplane. I was also wondering why at least some time could be spent on the war in Afghanistan.

I think we owe it to our fine fighting men and women. On CNN I have seen dozens of so-called “experts” and dozens of theories as to what happened to the Malaysia Flight 370.

I have seen reporters in Perth, Australia and Malaysia and China. I have seen reporters in Crimea and the Ukraine. The only things I see these days about Afghanistan is when I watch re-runs of NCIS.

I think that patriots/taxpayers have a right to know more about their country’s problems, not other countries. Every two months I see the Israel Prime Minister, Netanyahu, with his hand out for another billion dollars or so. I do not think I am alone when I ask humbly, “what is going on in Afghanistan?”

Robert Hunt

Iron Mountain