Disease of the mouth


This is a little something I heard about the guy you elected president of the U.S.A. King Pinoc (Obama) has told so many lies and false tales, it will take a volume of encyclopedias to hold them.

Just a few: “you can keep your insurance plan,” “you can keep your doctor,” said twice, lied about four dead Americans working for the federal government, remember Benghazi. Lied about IRS harassing American citizens, lied about fast and furious gun running into Mexico. You ever hear of death panels, you got them. Jobs, the only ones he knows is “snow jobs.”

The big liars cannot talk without lying. Lying is a disease of the mouth, similar to the foot and mouth.

This guy you elected and his self-appointed administration are the biggest law-breakers to run the government in the history of the U.S. and it’s done by lying, cheating and stealing.

While Russia’s Putin is out taking over small countries by force, your guy is in his safe, free house making picks for the ACC basketball tourney. Then off on a junket. For your information people, a trip made by an official is at public expense, our taxes.

Once we had a know-nothing party, now we a know-nothing president you elected. And if you voted for him, you are a know-nothing voter. A collection of dumb facts are written in a book, “stupidest mistakes ever made.” It proves we didn’t invent stupidity in the 21 century.

When someone is lying, cheating and stealing about your country, why not do something about it? It is going to lead to our destruction if we don’t. Freedom is not free.

The choice is yours.

Joe Massie