Honoring volunteers

We’re looking for a few good people.

In fact, we’re looking for a lot of good people.

And we know that they are out there.

The Daily News will publish its annual tribute to volunteers later this month. We’re now seeking nominations from area residents for Volunteer of the Year Awards.

We’ve all seen these people in the community.

They help out at church, or at school. They’re in the kitchen or on the playground.

They help at the local senior citizens centers, or they are reading to children at the library.

They’re organizing benefits for neighbors in need, or lending a hand at the local community festival.

They’re on the publicity committee and they’re members of the clean-up crew. They’re at the local hospitals and nursing homes.

They’re the ones with the shovel, and the ones at the podium.

They’re the people that help keep our community going.

How do they do it? Where would we be without them?

We all know the benefits of volunteering.

Volunteering helps people feel they make a difference – that they do have the power to change things for the better.

Finding time is the difficult part.

In a world that’s running on overdrive, co-workers often can’t get away from their desks for lunch.

Families are so over-scheduled that they have to make formal arrangements just to have dinner together, and friends postpone plans until they have free time.

Many people struggle to find time for the people they care about most, let alone strangers.

Yet there are always those who make the time, who find the time. They are truly amazing. And those are the people we want to know about.

Please help us honor these local volunteers.

Tell us all about your Volunteer of the Year nominee.

Send us a picture or pictures of your volunteer nominee, along with a narrative about how this individual helps the area.

Be sure to include your name and contact information as well. Please include day-time telephone numbers.

You can send this information by mail, e-mail, fax or you can drop it off at our offices at 215 E. Ludington St. in Iron Mountain.

Our e-mail address is news@ironmountaindailynews.com, and our fax number is 774-2772.

Our mailing address is The Daily News, P.O. Box 460, Iron Mountain MI 49801.

Please mark “Volunteers” on the envelope, or in the message line on your e-mail.

Please send your nominees in right away, so we can properly honor this area’s special volunteers.