Northwoods Animal Shelter conducts recycle fund-raiser

IRON RIVER – The Northwoods Animal Shelter in Iron River is participating in a recycling program fund-raiser that helps earn supplies, equipment and cash.

All the shelter has to do is collect empty inject and laser cartridges, used cell phones, old MP3 players, GPS systems, digital cameras, laptops, tablets and headphones to be recycled.

“This past week was the half-way point in the contest and we are currently in third place among 1,100 organizations across the United States. The contest runs until April 30,” a spokesperson said.

Anyone with products for recycling is asked to bring them to the shelter at 930 Selden Road in Iron River (265-7387), to Sentinel Technologies at 32 Superior Ave. in Crystal Falls (875-4479), or call Terry Maki at 875-4575 to arrange for the items to be picked up.

Each person making a donation has a chance to win a quilt donated by Joanne Place.

“Please donate to help us win the event. There is a chance for us to get some much needed cash for the shelter,” a spokesperson noted.