God ever in?


In a recent letter in this paper about God being taken out of this country, the question must be asked: “When was God ever in this country?”

This country had an acceptable allowance of slavery until 1865 and acceptance of the KKK for approximately 100 years after. The word slavery does not do justice to the injustice it represented. A man could be beaten, whipped, tortured, and sold without any repercussions whatsoever to those meting out the abuse; he also would have to watch his wife and daughters being subjected to the same degradation and being sexually assaulted. (The Thomas Jefferson Foundation ruled that it is highly likely that Jefferson had an affair with his 15-year-old slave girl Sally Hemings and was father to her children.)

For years our government had an unwritten policy of genocide towards the Native American Indian, hoping they would die off, not to mention forcing them off their land and completely eliminating the manner in which they wished to live.

If one is going to write an article making accusations that God has been taken out of this country, please have within the article specific examples and references of such accusations. One of the most valuable lessons I learned was from Professor Rice at the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh: “If you want people to listen to you concerning your opinion you must have references and facts to substantiate that opinion.”

Postscript: This article is meant to be helpful, not antagonistic.

Jerry Rahoi

Iron Mountain