Changes in verification for registered sex offenders

LANSING – The Michigan State Police have announced that verification schedules will change for all registered sex offenders effective April 1.

The changes come as a result of Public Act 149 of 2013. Verification schedules will now be based on the offender’s birth month and offenders will have the full month to verify their address rather than only the first 15 days of the month.

Tier I offenders must report once per year during the month of their birth.

Tier II offenders must report twice per year, once every six months, according to a schedule. For example, if an offender’s birth month is January or July, they must report once in January and once in July.

Tier III offenders must report four times each year according to a schedule:

Those born in January, April, July, or October must report in January, April, July and October; those born in February, May, August or November must report in February, May, August and November; and those born in March, June, September or December must report in March, June, September and December.

In addition to the change in the verification schedule, sex offenders are now required to pay an annual registration fee of $50 each year after their initial registration.

The annual registration fee must be paid during the first verification reporting month, unless the annual registration fee is prepaid for any future year.

Failure to verify an address or pay the registration fee are misdemeanors and may result in criminal prosecution.

Registered sex offenders who are not currently incarcerated will receive written notice of these changes.

The Michigan Sex Offenders Registration Act, Public Act 295 of 1994, requires all registered sex offenders to regularly report to the local law enforcement agency or county sheriff’s office having jurisdiction over their residence, or the nearest state police post, to verify their address.