Bigger need


In Wednesday’s (March 12, 2014) paper there was an article titled “What TV shows to watch.”

Now after reading that article I surely do believe this country has a real problem especially when we have persons such as that author running loose on our streets.

We have laws against dogs biting people or pooping on our lawns but here we have a person spreading manure all over the place and legally.

Whether you are for or against Obama, this sort of garbage is offensive. I did not vote for Obama and I do not care for his administration, but we have had other Obamas in the past and after four to eight years with each of those persons the country moved on and it will once again and then the other side of the fence will start to throw crap.

The person from Kingsford should thankfully praise the Lord that he is in this country, for in most other countries he would have already had a taste of swift justice. He would have been tucked away in a cold cell forever or would have been shot behind the ear in a lonely field.

After writing an article like that I am guessing that he doesn’t know the Lord in any form, so I guess he is on his own. If he thinks he does know the Lord, I hope he cleans up his act and starts showing it and maybe he will even try a little prayer.

Week after week as I scan these articles I have come to the conclusion that we could use more of another product which could be made in America. We can start to manufacture white jackets with real long sleeves that tie in the back, for lately we seemingly have a much bigger need for that product.

Don Schroeder

Niagara, Wis.