Keeping his cool


Thank God we have a president who is keeping his cool and treading carefully in the current crisis with Putin, instead of rushing off to another war like a screaming idiot as some letter writers would have him do.

War is not the answer, never has been, never will be. No one ever “wins” a war, without great cost to themselves. “Saving face” is not worth it. Putin is a bully. There are smarter ways to deal with bullies. Yes, we could go over and bomb Putin. We could appoint ourselves as the hero who single-handedly saves the world.

Diplomacy and getting the other nations to back us is not cowardice. It is just the opposite.

Yes, we could sacrifice still another whole generation of our young people to the god of war. We could further wreck our own economy and perhaps our country itself. Remember that we are talking about nuclear war.

Yes, we could spark World War III if we wanted to.

But most of us would rather not.

Arlene Flom

Iron Mountain