IM to look at deputy city manager position


Staff Writer

IRON MOUNTAIN – Along with the city’s efforts to partner with neighboring departments in the area of police and fire services, the consolidated services committee will also be looking at whether to establish a deputy city manger position.

Within the Iron Mountain Code of Ordinances, this position exists, noted City Manager Jordan Stanchina. The consolidated services committee of the council has been discussing this possibility for the past few months, and if the council moves forward, it would combine the police and fire chief positions into one position.

“As you are aware, the city has been looking at ways to reduce the costs of providing police and fire services. Many approaches have been discussed including partnering with neighboring governmental entities,” Stanchina noted in his memo to the council.

Rather than appointing a new chief for each department when retirements occur this year, Stanchina said, they could appoint a deputy city manager.

According to the code of ordinances, the charter allows the city council to authorize this additional administrative office when it is necessary or advisable ‘for the proper and efficient operation of the city.’

(For more details, see Tuesday’s Daily News)