Should be merged


I attended the Iron Mountain Board of Education meeting on March 10 and was very impressed. I was impressed with Jeff Michaud, board president, who did a fine job of setting the tone and running the meeting. He was also respectful of the speakers during the public comment time.

I was also impressed with the faculty and others including the three students who spoke during the public comment time. They were passionate, laid out their points well and were respectful in doing so.

I went to the meeting to hear first-hand about the issues. I have been hearing and reading a lot lately about what is wrong with Iron Mountain Schools.

In attending the meeting, I gained a new perspective. It is my opinion that while we face a tough situation, there are good dedicated individuals on all sides of the issues, and I believe the issues can be resolved fairly.

Attending the meeting reaffirmed to me that Iron Mountain has a fine school system. We are fortunate to have dedicated people working to keep it so.

It is my belief the outside advisors to both sides should step back and let the fine people directly involved hammer out an agreement.

It is also my opinion with less than 3,000 K-12 students in Dickinson County, the four school districts (Norway, Breitung Township, Iron Mountain and North Dickinson) should be merged into one system giving the students the best possible educational opportunity.

Bill Verrette

Iron Mountain