We threw God out


Read this and wept, especially for our children.

America did not become a great nation by encouraging people to feel sorry for themselves and seek handouts from others, others being us, the taxpayers.

And folks, we are running out of tax-payers, who pays them?

We have, as I write, severe government abuses, we must however find a way to control excessive and inappropriate government intrusion into the lives of innocent, law-abiding citizens who currently have little or no defense against bullying from government that is supposed to protect us.

The IRS (Eternal Revenue Service) is just one example of bad government out of control. U.S. Congress is not far behind, lying, stealing, wasting, name of the game.

We have, as I write, have incompetence and lack of ethical behavior growing like a bad weed in America. This clearly exists in our society and when it goes unchecked, the morale of others is damaged and the result is inefficiency and is real danger to others.

Remember we threw God out. And guess who comes in.

More and more bureaucracy and agencies are being added to our government.

They say it is in order to stop and control corruption.

Obama, is great at this. But what about corruption and abuses within the government, how do we control that? The question is who controls those who controls us? Guys like Obama, and all his socialist Democrats, “the don’t work people.”

Is the county going crazy, or is it just me?

Joseph Massie